Pauline Moss

Shamanic Artist & Holistic Interior Designer

I am a self taught artist who was born and raised in an outport village in Newfoundland. As a child I spent most of my time wandering the beaches and barrens that surrounded me. I feel a close connection to nature and have spent much of my adult life exploring and deepening my understanding of the seen and unseen forces that influence our daily lives. Sometimes I simply want to capture the feel of a rocky beach, a gnarly tree or an abandoned house but more and more lately I am drawn to tell a story, to do my best to "get out of the way" so to speak, and tap into the universal wisdom that surrounds us.

I prefer to use the medium of oil painting as the patience needed to layer in the traditional style encourages me not to force my conscious will into the finished piece. I hardly ever end up with what I "thought" I wanted in the beginning. I do use other mediums as the need arises however as I was raised to use whatever was on hand and not waste anything.

Thank you for your valuable time. I appreciate it and would love to discuss any questions you have or any interests you may want to share with me!
(Of course no one exists in a vacuum so I would like to add that this site and my creations would not be nearly as organized if it were not for the efforts of both my wonderful partner and tech savvy brother)